People Ask…

What & Where is Legislative District 13?

Arizona’s state legislature is broken up into two houses (the State House and the State Senate) and into 30 districts. Each district has about 230,000 people and is represented by two House representatives and one State Senator. These are different from Congressional Districts (we have nine of those).

LD 13 runs west from Dysart Road in Litchfield Park and Goodyear and continues all the way to the California border in Yuma. It includes Wickenburg, Wittman, Waddell, parts of Buckeye, and part of Yuma. See a map of the district.

LD13 crosses into three different Congressional Districts, AZ03, AZ04, and AZ08. There is no Democratic organization aligned specifically to Congressional Districts, so the LDs and County Parties are responsible for covering all of the Congressional races in their area.

Want to know which district you’re in? Use the Arizona Redistricting Commission tool.


What are the LD13 Democrats, exactly?

Arizona’s State Democratic Party is broken down into County Parties. In Maricopa and Pima counties, we break down the County Party into Legislative Districts so we can work locally in our communities. LD13 is an independent arm of the Maricopa County Democratic Party organization, with our own leadership team, goals, and, as you can see, website.

It’s our job to connect with voters across the district to make sure everyone is informed about important issues and prepared to support candidates we endorse. We are also the local ground game in election years.


Who are your members?

Every registered Democrat in the district is a member of the Democratic Party. There are no dues, fees, or forms to fill out. In addition, we have positions, called Precinct Committee People, (or PCs) who are the voting committee who elect party leadership and decide other important issues to the Party. We allow one PC for about every 100 voters. This is the most basic level if you want to get formally involved in the Party. And, yes, we have openings. Learn more about becoming a PC.


Wait, what’s a precinct?

Think of a precinct as a “voting neighborhood”. They are the building blocks of every type of district, from school board and city council to the State Legislature and US Congress. Your precinct determines where your polling place is and who is on your ballot. LD13 is made up of 50 precincts, 29 of them are in Maricopa County and 21 are in Yuma County. Each precinct is assigned a quota of appointed and elected officials to represent the voters from their respective parties. Hence, Precinct Committees and Precinct Committee People.


What about Independents?

We welcome Independents and un-registered voters who are looking for a home, fellowship, or just to get informed about Arizona politics and what the Party is doing. Contact us on this site or attend one of our events (club meetings and socials are usually a good place to start).


What does the LD do?

Lots of things! Our Mission is to support the Democratic Party and help candidates win their elections. A big part of that is arranging opportunities for voters to meet candidates up and down the ballot. In 2018 we had candidates for US Senate, US Congress, AZ Governor, AZ Secretary of State, AZ Attorney General, Corporation Commission, and Superintendent of Public Instruction. Check out our free public events to view the 2019 schedule.

But there’s a lot more. We have three very active Democratic clubs, with more forming. We sponsor community projects for important local causes, and we teach people how to engage with their legislators on important issues. Whatever your experience and talents, we’ve got something for you.


But isn’t Arizona a “Red State”?

Lots of people do think that. But Arizona is pretty evenly split between Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. In LD13, there are over 30,000 Democrats (over 21,000 in the Maricopa County section). You’ve probably got neighbors you didn’t even know vote blue. And in 2018, we showed that Arizona is truly a “battleground state”

Did you know Arizona’s Congressional Delegation is now majority Democratic? Six of our eleven Congresspeople and Senators are Democrats.


How do I get involved?

All you need to do is contact us here on the website or attend one of our events. We’ll get you started. There are no dues to pay and no fixed time commitment. We’ll find a fit for you.