Become a Precinct Committee Person

PC Overview

Have you ever wondered what’s really going on in the party and with candidates, locally & nationally? Have you ever wished there was someone near you who was plugged into the whole system that could give you the inside scoop over coffee? Have you ever wished you could be that person?

The Precinct Committee Person (PC) is the ground floor of political party activity; it’s our ground game. As a PC, you are a representative of the Arizona Democratic Party in your precinct, or neighborhood. Elections are truly won or lost in precincts, especially in Maricopa County, and PCs are vital to ensuring strong Democratic support for Democratic candidates and issues.

A PC is an elected official. PCs are elected during the Primary election and serve a two-year term. If there are vacant slots, PCs can also be appointed by the Maricopa County Chair. Any registered Democrat is eligible to be a PC in the precinct where she/he lives as long as they are willing to do the work! There are many PC positions available right now in LD13!

The primary role of the PCs for each precinct is to work together; to serve as the connection between the Democratic Party, the voters and our Democratic elected officials; and to represent your entire precinct within the Party. 

PC Duties

Educate yourself:  Become informed about current issues and candidates.

Attend Meetings: Attend the monthly meetings of LD 13

Get Trained: Attend training sessions to improve your skills and effectiveness as a PC.

Support Candidates: Support nominees of the Democratic Party and educate voters in your precinct about the Democratic Party, it's nominees, and Democratic issues.

Build Relationships in your Community:  Establish and maintain a Democratic communication network in your neighborhood through door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, and/or organizing social gatherings to share information. 

Recruit Others: Recruit and maintain contact with precinct volunteers to assist with Democratic Party and election activities. 

GOTV: Help Get Out The Vote on Election Day and in the days leading to the Election, when possible. 

Donate: Support the LD with regular donations. 

How to Apply

Resources: Find your precinct PCs & Vacancies in your precinct Appointed PC Application Form

Between now and May of 2020, the Democratic party will accept new PCs by appointment. If you don’t know which precinct you’re in, you can check at the County Recorder using the link above. Then check to see if there are any vacancies in your precinct. You’ll also find contact information for other PCs in your precinct or nearby, in case you have any questions. Fill out the short application form and send it to admin@azld13democrats or bring it with you to a meeting. If you’d like to discuss the role and commitments just contact us any time and we can set up an appointment.

Once you submit your form, the District Chair will forward it to the County Party and, in turn to the County Recorder. The whole process can take as long as 60 days to become official, but we generally consider you “grandfathered” from the point you submit your form. Again, there are no dues or fees required to become a member or PC (although we do encourage everyone to donate what they can).