About Us

Our Mission:

Promote civic engagement and education, register voters, increase voter participation and work to elect candidates who embrace Democratic values. We are committed to building relationships among our diverse communities and ensuring individual voters have a voice in our political process. 

Our Values:

  • Diversity and equity for all strengthens our communities and party.
  • Every citizen as the right to vote.
  • Public education must be properly funded.
  • People's voices and grassroots movements to elicit change cannot be ignored.
  • Preservation of a strong separation of church and state.
  • Climate change is real. 
  • Black lives matter.
  • All People should have equal status and protection under the law
  • Women's rights are human rights. 
  • Disability rights are civil rights
  • Healthcare is an inalienable right and should be affordable and accessible for all. 
  • Corporations are not people. 
  • Dark money must be removed from politics. 
  • Equal pay for equal work.