Where we’ve been:

In the 2018 election cycle, LD13 Democrats got organized and worked in our communities. We now have 3 active Democratic clubs: Verrado, Pebble Creek and Wickenburg. We knocked on more doors and engaged more voters than ever before to bring about a historic mid-term election turnout. This helped elect more Democrats to state and federal offices than we’ve seen in decades.

Where we are:

Now is the time to build upon the gains we made in 2018. It’s all about building relationships. It’s about building relationships with the electorate by registering voters. It’s about building relationships with like-minded groups through networking and events. It’s about building relationships with each other at every level.

We are going to be at more community events. We are going to hold more workshops and training opportunities. We will communicate our values wherever people gather online and in person. We are recruiting and preparing candidates to run for office at every level as well as volunteers who want to get politically involved.

This isn’t an off year, it’s a building year!

Where we’re going:

2020 is coming fast and we need an army of volunteers to deliver Arizona’s 11 electoral votes for the Democratic nominee, not to mention all the other offices up for election. The organization and relationships we build in 2019 will be the key to success in 2020. This will be the most important presidential election in our lifetimes so it’s all hands on deck.